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Who we are - Tata Italia: The Passion for Fashion, the Apulian Heart

History and Tradition

Forty years of tradition and experience in the world of footwear, a passion for fashion that runs through our veins and a determination that has defied time. In 2000, these were the foundations on which we built Tata Italia, a retail project that changed the rules of the game.

Innovation and Creativity

Our management model, based on innovation and flexibility, has enabled rapid expansion internationally. But what really sets us apart is our approach to the collections: assortment, creativity and quality design. These principles have captured the public's attention and transformed Tata Italia into a major player in the footwear industry in Italy.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to offer our customers high quality fashion products at competitive prices. To do this, we invest in research and the study of innovative designs, always respecting the made in Italy style, which is our indelible signature.

Our Vision

Let's look beyond the horizon. We want to be present all over the world, bringing our unique Italian style wherever there is a fashion lover. To achieve this goal, we are opening franchise stores in major cities and shopping centers and are investing in e-commerce to reach every corner of the globe.

Our Network of Sales Points

Currently, we manage a chain of around 70 points of sale throughout Italy. Our stores are designed to give visibility to our products and to offer maximum freedom of choice to our customers. Tata Italia is synonymous with Italian fashion and style, with a predominant focus on women's footwear (65%), without neglecting men's (20%), children's (8%) and accessories (7%).

The Apulian Soul

Tata Italia is anchored in the tradition and unique style of Puglia, but its spirit is international. We are part of the Tatarella Distribuzione Group, a historic presence and leader in the distribution of footwear in Italy.

A Growing Brand

We are much more than just a shoe store. We are an experience, a style statement and a promise of quality. Our rapid and constant growth is a testament to our commitment to offering our customers the best of Italian fashion.

We are Tata Italia. Fashion is our universal language, and our goal is to share this language with the entire world.

Join us as we bring the Apulian passion for fashion to every corner of the globe.

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